Wilderness Photo Workshops

Private Workshops & Tours


Private Workshops & Tours

Chad Dutson provides private individual and group sessions that are incredibly useful in receiving instruction that caters to your style, equipment, and schedule.

Workshops are available for beginning through advanced level photographers, so that each experience is customized to your preferences. Your workshop will be aimed toward more intensive instruction or guide service, depending on your preference. Sessions can be scheduled at your home or on-location, from a few hours up to several days.

Sample photo workshop concepts:

  • Exposure Triangle: ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture

  • Perspective and Composition

  • HDR, Focus-Stacking, and Luminosity

  • Software Applications (Photoshop & Lightroom)


  • Two Hours = $150

  • Half-Day (Four Hours) = $280

  • Full-Day (Eight Hours) = $500


  • Group size limited to three participants, unless you provide your own transportation

  • Photographer is based at Anchorage, Alaska and Salt Lake City, Utah. Add $.50/mile + $25/hour for travel to and from locations outside these immediate areas.

  • Overnight workshops will be charged direct-cost for modest hotel reservations and lodging