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Chad Dutson
Wilderness Seeker.


Chad Dutson is an Alaska- and Utah-based wilderness photographer who deeply admires nature and strives to capture the finest scenes possible. He has lived all but three years of his life living in the American West, providing him incredible opportunities to fine-tune his craft.

Chad has an insatiable desire to wander the wild, seeking solitude and serenity away from the bustle of city life. His deep passion for photography pushes him to extreme levels to capture "the shot" and loves sharing his knowledge and learning from others.

"Some say they lose themselves in one thing or another -- I find myself through photography -- losing only the sense of time." -- Chad Dutson

Tel. +1 435 527 5577
E.  chaddutson@gmail.com
Portfolio www.chaddutson.com

Dustin LeFevre is an award-winning and published wilderness photographer, born with an innate desire to explore. Growing up in Utah, he has always appreciated the beauties of the diverse landscapes of the West. Every chance he gets, he can be found hopping in an airplane or in a car chasing "the shot." His diverse portfolio and passion for detail makes his images desirable for collectors and decorators. He strives to capture not just what is in front of his lens, but also the way it makes him feel, and hopes his feeling translates into the final image.

Tel. +1 801 979 7366
E. dustinlevre@gmail.com
Portfolio www.dustinlefevre.com

Dustin LeFevre
Nonstop Traveler.


Steve Howa


Steve Howa is a Utah-based photographer and wilderness planner. He plans each adventure meticulously and provides top-notch instruction, too. Among his talents are incredible photo-bombing skills!

Tel. +1 801 910 0211
E. stevehowa@yahoo.com
Portfolio https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/steve-howa.html